The Environment Security System is the Effective Social Means Against Terrorist Threat

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By : Lieutenant General (Ret) Soedibyo*)

ZONALIMA.COM - In discussing the implementation of the involvement of TNI in the eradication of  terrorism in relation to the amendment of Law No 13 of 2003 presently it was argued  though  the possible involvement of TNI to eradicate  terrorism to be mentioned on Artc  77 Law No 34 of 2004 on TNI, it is not confusing if the involvement of TNI in  eradication of  terrorism   it   is   repeated  in  Law  No 13  of  2003 (after amended), because TNI is trained for Conventional Warfare (modern battle) and also trained for In-Conventional Battle (Intelligence and Territorial Battle).

In-Conventional Battle was derived by TNI  from  the Guerrilla Warfare in the Freedom Struggle against the Dutch  and also the  valuable experience in the anti guerilla battle  against the various armed insurgencies.

The amend of Law No 13 of2003 is now still hanging in the House of Representative, but the terrorist threat has “developed” from suicide bomber to the  “wolf lone wonder” using classic weapon (kitchen knife).

Coordinating Minister for Political, Human right and Security Afairs has been likely cynically  commented  by President Jokowi also  has remembered to the national  old means in struggling to protect the national integrity the “Environment Security System”.

On July 4, 2017 in a  likely a special meeting among  the various Ministers, Chief of Police and Chief of BIN under the coordination of the Coordinating Minister for Political, Human Right and Security Affairs to have discussed the national security situation of the country in general, especially concerning a number of security  incidences  which are considered  as the increase of the  security threat  against the society.

General (Ret) Wiranto was describing the silent movement of the terrorists   among the society and hiding their activities to be under the daily activities of the society and when the people are not aware to their security condition the terrorists  start their action.

However if the Environment Security System is activated the presence of the terrorists who are active and hiding among the  society will be easily detected by the people and urgently reported to the Security apparatus.

For that reason General (Ret) Wiranto urged the Minister of Home Affairs supported by all  of Chief of  Government Security Institutions to re-activate the familiar Environ Security System among the society. Functionally Minister for Home Affairs based on Government Regulation could be appointed as the eligible Ministry to coordinate  the implementation.

Through this Environmental Security System  all the members of the society to be reminded for their participation to report on any unknown person arises in the society to the security apparatus. Based on this report to Security apparatus can check the respective person.

In general the Environment Security System is Civilian Organization under the administration of the Chief of the Village in firm cooperation with the Police Aea Command and the  Military Territorial Organization.

The  Environment Security System is  in fact the Security and Order organization establish by the Civilian government in firm coordination with the Police (the Staff on  Peace  and Order Build Up under the Police Command) and the Territorial Organization  established by the Territorial Military Command.

Through this  Organization the people are trained to become the Watcher of   their environment.  The presence of the Family Grouping in all the villages in Indonesia could be perfected this structure and its function as not just administrative Staff of  the Village.

In various terrorist activities in the past it was apparently the terrorist who was captured latter by the Police are mostly some one living in the respective village but not identified clearly by the inhabitant  of  the village  concerned.

General (Ret) Wiranto in the meeting held on July 4, 2017 had insisted the Minister of Home Affairs, the Chief of Police and Chiefof BIN to organize the people  as the legal inhabitant and society of this Country to Safe their security as the Environment Watchers of the Security Apparatus.

Unfortunately the Commander of TNI or its Chief of  General Staff of TNI not  to be  present in  the  meeting. Definitely the Military Territorial Command are under the Command of Comanderof TNI. Environment Security is more  stressed  on builingup the awareness of  the society on peaceful and order based on law and applied legal, but on Security purposes the Military Territorial is taking over the problem.


The  Civilian Defense Unit is under the Military Territorial Command

As addition Observer is wishing to reveal that the  policy which is looked likely simple problem will be apparently  needed much coordination,  control and supervision.

Accordingly a new function of Inspector General in the Structure of  the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Human Right and Security Affairs  is needed to be founded.

This  managerial  problem is reminded to  refer to the United States of America to handle the security precaution after the bombing of  the TwinTower in NewYork in September 11 2001 until now it was founded the new Department called the Miistry of  Home Security.

*) Political and Security Observer.





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