Nowhere To Hide For Communist And HTI In Indonesia

man-headphones Agung Wahyudin, The author has earned his master at Untag, Jakarta. Lives in Depok, West Java.

By : Agung Wahyudin *)

Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Luhut Pandjaitan has called on people not to worry about a communist resurgence in the country because he said the government would not let the banned ideology return. "We must overcome this issue about communism. All Golkar members must be deployed to help the government overcome this issue and we must ensure that there is no room for the growth of communism," the senior Golkar Party politician said on Sunday during the party's national leadership meeting in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

"We can't bury the ideology. It will still exist, but if those people try to establish a political party or aim to change the country's ideology [of Pancasila], we have to [combat] that because that violates the Constitution," Luhut said.

Despite the now-defunct Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) having been banned for almost 50 years, Indonesian government, law enforcement and military officials are currently experiencing another surge of communist-phobia.

The Indonesian Military (TNI) has cracked down on people selling and wearing T-shirts bearing the hammer-and-sickle symbol and religious zealots have even forced Bank Indonesia to clarify that its signature recto-verso logo on new bank notes have nothing to do with the PKI.

The official fear has grown worse because of unfounded reports about huge numbers of Chinese workers coming into the country. Luhut said that there were definitely many Chinese workers arriving along with Chinese investment and illegal workers were unavoidable. Finally, the government has stressed that there are no plans for an official apology for the 1965 anti-communist purge.

Communist supporters in Indonesia have feud feeling to this country and our national tenet, Pancasila and they will be reignated communist spirit and its values in this country. Eventhough some of nationalist and moderate groups have been austere to prevent the spread of communist values, its still spreading at our society even through “hidden” way and cover up with social and youth activities.

Besides that, the communist symphatizers in Indonesia didn’t never concede. They have a strong spirit to purge and implement communist values to our society life. Directly and un-directly, the communist symphatizers and their supporters have teams up with several mass organization and NGO to estrange Indonesian people with our national tenet, Pancasila.

A communist scion or their new generation have a capability to mingle and finally to meddle all of people’s problem, but they didn’t want to solve those problem and contrary they make those problem to be “capitalization-munition” to make uncertainty in Indonesia and to grow up people disagree with the government.

The manuevers of a communist scion is to search and to find the communities which could be duped by them so that they will be affected with their political invitation.

The communist new generation has been always made defamation to the legal government and they will be launched whatever yapping to make propaganda that a communist values and spirit has accorded to implement in Indonesia. They’re decry and torn our national tenet and the spirit of nationalism with a new hope in a communist life and spirit.

Finally, if our new generation didn’t have a tough national spirit, it will be faded-away and a communist gold era will be happened in Indonesia and its should have fought by all of Indonesian people. Together, we must strength our national communication and coordination among a nationalist group in Indonesia to make a communist supporters don’t have any change to come back and nowhere to hide for a communist scion, because we will hunt you all.


HTI has same spirit with a communist scion

Basically, either a communist scion or Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) have feud feeling to Pancasila because they are reject those national Indonesia’s ideology. Neither HTI nor a communist symphatizers have a common think that the caliphate system or a communism value have been accorded to implement in Indonesia replacing Pancasila.

HTI or a communist’s ancestry have always trying to snatch the loyality of Indonesian people to Pancasila values and factually they have been failed to do that. It could be happened because Indonesian people has seen that the snobbish of HTI and a communist’s ancestry just only a “yapping hope and manuevers” because finally and globally every country around the world will reject the caliphate system or a communist values. Even in Chinese and Russia and other a communist countries in eastern Europe or Latin America have been revealed that a communist values doesn’t implementation on globalization era.

I think HTI supporters and a communist new generation in Indonesia must have changed their ideology or their tenet because the only one values and spirit which suitable to implement in Indonesia just only Pancasila. If HTI’s supporters and a communist scion didn’t take Pancasila as their way of life, there are no room for them to exist in Indonesia, because all of nationalist and moderate communities in Indonesia will be opposed with them and finally nowhere to hide for HTI and a communist’s ancestry in Indonesia.

*) The author has earned his master at Untag, Jakarta. Lives in Depok, West Java.


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